Flight From Detroit Evacuated In Denver Because Of Smoke In Cabin

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A Delta Air Lines flight was evacuated on Tuesday evening after smoke began to fill the cabin, the airline has confirmed to Business Insider. Emergency personnel were dispatched to meet the passengers, he said.

The power unit is not used during the flight, only on the ground.

The smoke was detected prior to the plane reaching the gate, said Denver International Airport spokeswoman Emily Williams.

Delta spokesman Michael Thomas says some passengers might have suffered minor injuries, including from smoke inhalation.

A Delta Air Lines plane that had just landed in Denver was forced to evacuate its passengers after smoke was reported in the cabin Tuesday. "As it was taxiing, smoke was reported in the cabin so the aircraft was safely evacuated".

In a statement, it added: "Airport response vehicles met the aircraft out of an abundance of caution and customers were transported to the terminal via buses".

153 Guests aboard a Delta Airlines jet were compelled in a crisis evacuation minutes after landing on the headquarters of Denver International Airport.

One passenger tweeted that "fumes came through the vents". What's going on? Open the doors. The airport resumed normal operations soon after.

Naftel later wrote that she and other passengers discussed the lingering effect of the smoke as they waited for information and bags. "We all switched planes".

At least one passenger on Flight 1854 shared images of the plane being evacuated on Twitter, calling the incident the "scariest thing ever". These on board left the aircraft on emergency slides and over-wing exits.