North Korea promises transparency in nuclear site shutdown

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South Korean presidential press secretary Yoon Young-chan said Sunday that Kim agreed to the plan during a meeting between the leader and South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday.

Trump is claiming credit for the Korean summit, but now faces a burden in helping turn the Korean leaders' bold but vague vision for peace into reality after more than six decades of hostility.

In Sept 1993, in one of the most dramatic moments in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine's Yasser Arafat - with US President Bill Clinton's arms stretched around them - shook hands.

Last year, Pyongyang carried out its sixth nuclear test and launched missiles capable of reaching the US mainland. "But I want to express my gratitude for the sincerity of President Moon who conveyed my requests (to Kim)".

"The 25 million people who live in Seoul. breathing a little bit easier these days".

"Things are going very well, time and location of meeting with North Korea is being set", Trump tweeted.

Yoon says Kim also said President Donald Trump will learn he's 'not a person' to fire missiles toward the United States.

Kim and Moon's much-publicized summit near the two countries' shared border Friday ended with a promise to rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons and formally end the Korean War.

Yoon said the North's decision to return to Seoul's time zone was aimed at facilitating communication with South Korea and the United States.

The news sent the pound tumbling to a session low of $1.3747, a level unseen since January.

This was the first time a North Korean leader has crossed the border since the Korean War.

All of these measures are significant.

They underscore a real policy shift in the South away from the hard-line approach taken by its previous president, Park Geun-hye.

The pledge can be seen as the latest show of Kim's resolve to seek denuclearization as the United States prepares for its first-ever summit talks with North Korea.

U.S. intelligence assesses that the nuclear test site is still operational, noting that any closure could potentially be easily reversed.

That's a bit of a blow to Tokyo, which has been largely sidelined lately and was hoping that Moon would bring up the matter of what happened to Japanese abducted by North Korea in the 1970s and '80s.

Trump hailed Friday's Moon-Kim meeting, declaring "KOREAN WAR TO END!" on Twitter.

But the messaging from the White House remains ambiguous. "And part of it is the pressure that Donald Trump put on the North Koreans". Earnings were mixed, with Amazon surging on better-than-expected earnings but ExxonMobil tumbling on disappointing earnings.

KCNA said: "At the talks both sides had a candid and open-hearted exchange of views on the matters of mutual concern including the issues of improving the North-South relations, ensuring peace on the Korean Peninsula and the denuclearisation of the peninsula". This is a claim which at least one U.S. nuclear watchdog group agrees with.

The United States hasn't kept nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula since the early 1990s.

Local time in South Korea and Japan is the same - nine hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.