The Kardashians' 'Family Feud' Episode Was the 'Best Episode — Steve Harvey

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At one tweet, West argued that parents are the first acting coaches, meaning acting might be one of the first things everyone learned in life.

"No publisher or publicist will tell me what to put where or how many pages to write", says the rapper.

Kanye West returned to Twitter last week and his first order of business was offering advice.

Kanye West's return to Twitter has prompted a number of reactions, but none are as funny as Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen's. He also discusses "losing who we really are to "the simulation", advising followers to "be in the moment". What may come as a surprise, though, is the fact that West's latest tweets are the book, as he revealed on Wednesday morning. We have been conditioned to always be in competition. "Just stop lying" in order to attain true happiness. He cited a kid screaming at a restaurant, which will garner comments from onlookers, saying he needs to "learn how to act".

We think we know where Kanye is going with this one - the concept that no idea is truly original. He made the announcement in conversation with interior designer Axel Vervoordt during his interview with the Hollywood Reporter. It's the most entertaining for of entertainment.

On The Present Moment: "Be here now". This is life. This is the greatest movie we will ever see. When I'm not scrolling through various timeline's I'm researching skin care regiments and watching the Cleveland Cavaliers. There's love stories. Pain happiness. Pain happiness. It's 3 dementional.

But it did make people question aspects of his Yeezy clothing line. "Because you can spend them both", West's tweet read.

On Originality: "too much emphasis is put on originality". It can be used to document, but a lot of times it overtakes [people].

They should still try it just for a night, tbh. "Let's be less concerned with credit awards and external validation".