Second day of US congressional hearings awaits Facebook CEO Zuckerberg

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How to watch Zuckerberg's hearings? It will look for misuses of personal information and then alert users if it finds anything suspicious. He was forced to acknowledge that Facebook does track Facebook users when they are not locked in, also said that until recently, Facebook was buying information on consumers from data brokers, which might include information on offline activities. "It was my mistake, and I'm sorry", he added. In addition, Russian operatives used bogus accounts in an effort to sow discord and shape voter opinion during the campaign. That she'd just repeated information she'd read about rape, when telling her friends what had happened the next day, rather than drawing on her own experiences.

Not so fast, the much older senators told Zuckerberg, 33, who was perched atop a seat pillow for the much-anticipated hearing into whether and how the breach affected the 2016 elections.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told lawmakers that regulation of his company is "inevitable", but still came to Capitol Hill prepared to defend against proposals he thought went too far. People, she said, have to feel bad for you, and "that entails recognizing that you realize the severity of the damage".

Your phone knows where you are, and Google knows plenty, too - more if you use their browser, e-mail, phone service, and word processing software. Wozniak stopped short of deleting his username, however, insisting that he wouldn't want someone else posing as him on the social network. And that goes for fake news, for foreign interference in elections, and hate speech, as well as developers and data privacy. As Rep. Lujan was suggesting, it's likely that the Facebook data users are able to view on the platform is likely only the tip of the company's immense data iceberg.

Mark Zuckerberg maintained a matter-of-fact demeanour even as some members openly questioned his sincerity and honesty.

In a statement on Facebook Monday morning, Diamond and Silk said the company had "not communicated directly" with them about the issue, through Zuckerberg or a Facebook representative.

The Facebook founder was under a lot of scrutiny - check out all these photographers - so feeling some pressure is understandable.

Twitter widely noted the apparent age or knowledge gap between Zuckerberg and the senators. Zuckerberg called that an "an enforcement error" that's been resolved. "Zuckerberg did as well as could be expected, but I don't think anyone in that situation would come out clean". "In general, Facebook is not collecting data from other apps that you use", Zuckerberg said, despite the fact that it very much does.

His answers to some of the tougher questions were less satisfying, but he was never pushed as hard as he could have been. Later, Sen. Roy Blunt (R., Mo.) waxed nostalgic about how his were the first Senate business cards printed with a Facebook address, and how today his young son was already dedicated to Instagram, another Facebook-owned platform. "It shows you are committed to continue working on this". Facebook's technology doesn't need Zuck to post "I'm in Washington D.C." to know that he's in Washington, D.C. Similarly, Facebook doesn't need you to say "I've got a crush on so-and-so".

GREG WALDEN: While Facebook has certainly grown, I worry it may not have matured.

In addition to understanding what you share on Facebook, Zuckerberg's site can also track you across the web, because most websites contain embedded Facebook code.