Final Fantasy VII Remake Levels Aimed To Meet Fans' Expectations

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Now that we know who the first male from the newer half of the series is, here's the five other hints about the new characters coming to Dissidia NT.

"FF VII REMAKE has all functions and contents implemented", reads the job listing.

It appears that the company has come to realize the enormity of the "Final Fantasy 7" remake production. A leak has proved this point when it saw Square Enix hiring fresh blood to be part of the developing team that will handle Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

It'll be interesting to see if E3 2018 or some other event will provide more details on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Players will be able to experience fast-paced and exhilarating 3-on-3 battles across familiar arenas with the help of powerful and epic summons including Ifrit, Shiva and Odin.

Tentatively-known as Final Fantasy XII Remake, news of the game's development turned viral online last year and many can't wait to play the game. "Interested applicants are expected to work as a core member". This is I think the first time he's been in a Final Fantasy video game outside of Final Fantasy XII. "We are constantly examining the program within the development team, but while it is satisfying to say that the original is reproduced with high quality graphics, We have reached the conclusion that we should aim for a step further in quality so that can meet the expectations of fans". Specifically, the fans can expect Cloud to sport a dorky appearance and less mature attitude, in contrast with his jock persona as depicted in the previous "Final Fantasy 7" cartoon adaptations.