Reverend Billy Graham (1918-2018) — Remembering America's Pastor

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People close to him say he wanted his funeral to "reflect and reinforce the gospel message". Rev. Graham was not in the company of family members at his time of death.

Funeral arrangements were released Wednesday evening.

Pastor Blount says he had a chance to see Reverend Graham in Atlanta back in the early 80's.

Speakers will include Dr. Donald Wilton of First Baptist Church in Spartanburg and Dr. David Bruce, executive assistant to Rev. Graham. "It's kind of hard to find someone with that integrity, that kind of simplicity, but that kind of being profound too".

In those days, Tunstill was pastor at Shiloh Baptist Church, the second-oldest African-American baptist church in Jamaica-Queens.

"That was the highlight of my life".

I'll be in heaven for one reason: Many years ago I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to make our forgiveness possible and rose again from the dead to give us eternal life. The start of the cold war. "And he got the response he was looking for".

Seen as a comforting presence during times of crisis, Graham led a national prayer service for the Sept 11, 2001, attacks.

Falwell said he always appreciated Graham's firm focus on his ministry.

Graham preached to live audiences of nearly 215 million people in more than 185 countries and territories through various meetings. And I look up and he's stretched out on the floor praying with an earnestness that was remarkable.And that was Billy. His autobiography, "Just As I Am", published in 1997, achieved a triple crown, appearing simultaneously on the three top best-seller lists in one week. The ministers made the decision because, as one of them said: "I fear Catholicism more than I fear Communism".

DeMoss said most of the plans were developed 10 years ago by Billy Graham and Cliff Barrows, the longtime music and program director for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Ellis said he bought a copy of "The Restless Ones" on VHS to commemorate the film and the decision that changed his life.

His tour in 1998 was with his son Franklin, who took over for his dad in 2005. He also told Nixon that Jews are "the ones putting out the pornographic stuff".

"My thoughts are that he is gone and it leaves a big hole in my heart", said Jean Ford, Rev. Graham's sister.

Ellis said a Billy Graham-sponsored event in Charlotte prompted him to join the ministry. He wrote 31 books, most of which have been translated into several languages. Graham will lie in repose from February 26-27 inside the Graham Family Homeplace on the Billy Graham Library grounds. Official expected 2,300 people. "And then, he died". His siblings will also speak.

It will not be open casket.

Every Christian must serve God in his or her own time, Warren says, learning to serve God's eternal causes in a changing world.