How the fierce winds are impacting the 2018 Winter Olympics competition

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"You don't even really know this country exists when you're young", Testwuide said.

Testwuide isn't living it alone.

The tech industry is counting on the new capabilities: 5G will be important for developing artificial intelligence, drones, self-driving vehicles, robots and other machines that transmit massive data in real time, said Sandra Rivera, Intel Corp.'s California-based senior vice president overseeing network platforms. I'm terrified just watching it.

Indeed, the list of problems created by North Korea at the Pyeongchang Games has been long: how to house North Korean athletes (in segregated quarters), whether to give them gas money for the ferry that carried down their artists (not yet decided), whether to allow the playing of the North Korean anthem in a country that normally bans the tune (yes), whether to give their competitors free smartphones (yes, provided they're returned by the end of the Games), how to move an aircraft between two countries that have no regular flights (temporarily reinstate dormant air traffic control control communication) and how to accept dignitaries subject to international sanctions (temporarily roll back those sanctions).

"Got picked up in the wind on the bottom jump in practice and my ACL was not a big fan!" she posted on Instagram. "I've lived in Korea now for four years, so I'm definitely more comfortable".

The Koreas also play Japan and Sweden in Group B. It was the first time the Koreas, who marched together at Friday's opening ceremony, have competed side-by-side at an Olympics.

"We know we have the next game", Stauber said. No you couldn't. It is not easy.

"The North is masterful at getting something for nothing", he told CNN.

It wasn't always like that.

The people in the red outfits are volunteers from Gangwon Province, where the city is located.

One Tinder user, going by the name Beulah, aged 32, wrote on her profile: "Yahoo says Tinder is super blowing up in Pyeongchang right now so I added the app because what do you think".

And US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka is scheduled to attend the closing ceremony, bringing her own quotient of glamor and celebrity to the proceedings. The male skiers need to vacate their rooms to make way for their female counterparts, whose speed events are supposed to begin Saturday. It might be the South's Games, but Pyongyang has ensured it is commanding the spotlight.

The technology will be used to ward off the porcine pests who roam the mountainous region around the Games with fast-acting systems that shoot rays, spew gases and emit tiger roars.

On the ice, there's no barrier. Before the 1988 Seoul Olympics, North Korea blew up a jetliner.

Tournaments in places like Hungary and Poland - and turning Korea into a good enough team to even hang with the sport's powerhouses on the international stage - had a powerful effect. "It's a hockey team now".

The schedule for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics was similarly impacted by poor course conditions and bad weather at Whistler with the men's downhill postponed by two days.

How many nations are participating in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games? He tweeted about jobless claims dropping, his decision to block release of a Democratic memo on the Russia investigation and the downfall of a top aide accused of domestic abuse.

Korea's men's team absolutely has. Each drone has onboard LED lights that light up in 4 billion color combinations to create any shape and color combination possible.

The Unified Korean team will play Switzerland at 7 a.m. ET.