France will 'strike' if proven Syria using chemical arms — Macron

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"We cannot leave a farmer without a solution or with a solution that would not be tenable because someone else nearby would not have the same constraints".

"The retail industry is changing", he said. This move would rid the system of inherent conflicts of interest and also make it more equitable, since under union control the benefits only extend to union members.

When it comes to the media, Macron's intentions are not all that different from his predecessors', even if the tactics and the rhetoric are.

Hence the gray hair - an appeal, perhaps, to retirees, a traditional conservative constituency.

"France made a choice - decided to leave the older generation that did so much for the country".

Having handed itself trillions of euros in bank bailouts since the 2008 financial crisis, the financial aristocracy is attacking basic social rights across Europe. "Identity politics is just as significant in the one as in the other".

When Macron received France's religious leaders in December last year, he reportedly said he wanted Islam (in France) restructured and asked the CFCM to create a working group to contribute to the project. He has brought ideas once considered fringe into the mainstream.

This week's Journal de Dimanche survey also asked the French what they thought about the creation of a tax on halal products, the revenues of which would be used to finance Muslim worship in France.

There are other red flags, too.

France, like the United States, suspects the Syrian regime but says it does not yet have concrete evidence on the nature and origin of the attacks. "The real protection is job training".

The overlap has not gone unnoticed. As the SNCF helped the Nazis deport hundreds of thousands of Jews or resistance fighters to death camps, important sections of railway workers joined the resistance.

But since then, Macron seems to have changed his tune toward the American leader.

On January 22: A suspected chlorine attack in Douma, led to at least 21 cases of respiratory problems, including children, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Going into the 2017 presidential election, the Republicans were expected to win handily. However, when reporters contacted her, the former employee of the Fund completely denied this information.

Most remarkable of all is Macron's third change. "We consider the use of such arms as immoral and unacceptable, whatever the context", said Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad, quoted by state news agency SANA.

Macron's offensive against the railway workers points to the irreconcilable character of the class struggle, which unfolds over decades.

There have been early signs of momentum for Wauquiez's hard line.

The truth is that supporting education in Africa must be a global priority.

"You don't fight populism by using the argument of the populists", he said.

Macron's model is archaic, elitist and out-of-touch with the latest developments in democratic innovation. "Placing yourself on their turf is politically and ethically wrong".