Tesla is falling as it continues to 'wade through the weeds' (TSLA)

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Tesla reported a quarterly loss of $771 million on $3.3 billion in revenue. Loss per share was $4.01 on a GAAP basis, or $3.04 per share excluding some items.

That did not stop the scepticism and the Flat Earth Society took the opportunity to remind their followers that not everything you see on the internet can be believed. "With respect to battery module production, Tesla's ability to meet its target of 2,500 per week by end of Q1 2018 is dependent only on the equipment that is already present at Gigafactory 1, as well as the incremental capacity that is currently being added through the semi-automated lines that were also discussed during the conference call".

Indeed, some have suggested that the dwarf planet Ceres could serve as a base or hub for those missions, with mining spacecraft landing there first before pursuing the rich asteroids.

On Monday, Musk discussed the clustering of rocket engines with Ars.

"I think that Tesla has a leg up when it comes to technology in the minds of people, and I think that's especially critical when it comes to millennials", Anand said.

Bravo to SpaceX, its visionary founder, Elon Musk, and the thousands of employees who made this week's test launch an awesome success.

But Musk doesn't even take that modest amount home with him. But once it arrives in the asteroid belt, it might be joined by more things of its own side, and it's possible it will be smashed up then.

"No question that other companies around the world, they are looking at establishing facilities in Florida so they can be near the center of space activity", Space Florida President and CEO Frank DiBello said.

"A Tesla Roadster and its spacesuit-wearing mannequin "driver" - named "'Starman"' - seen hurtling through space. But even that project is emblematic of the challenges faced: Greentech Media points out that Tesla turned to Samsung for the actual batteries to meet the accelerated project schedule.

Elon Musk's car is headed off into very deep space after being strapped to the top of a rocket. Barclays analyst Brian Johnson predicted $10 million for the quarter. "This achievement, along with @NASA's commercial and international partners, continues to show American ingenuity at its best!"

"We expect energy storage products to experience significant growth, with our aim to at least triple our sales this year", Musk and Ahuja said.

Second, Tesla counts customer deposits as operating cash flow, even though these are refundable and, in essence, zero-interest short-term loans. As a result, Tesla was forced to redesign two parts of its battery process.

Eager spectators crowded parks and causeways around Cape Canaveral on launch day, proving the power that major launches have to sway tourists. This payload means that Falcon Heavy offers increased possibilities for SpaceX, including the launch of bigger satellites for U.S. intelligence and military, launching large batches of satellites (i.e.to help deliver global broadband), sending bigger robots to Mars or the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn and their moons, and the transportation and launch of huge telescopes.

His expectations for Model Y, which hasn't yet been unveiled, are enormous.

"Third burn successful", SpaceX and Tesla CEO Musk tweeted Feb. 7 about an ignition of the rocket carrying the Roadster. Tesla hasn't revealed much about the car's trajectory.