Humanity's cold storage Big Data backup — Archives in space

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"He appears to be more eager to sell hats and flamethrowers rather than meeting previously stated production targets for Tesla vehicles", Thibault wrote in a note to investors.

"This is a very suitable technology for space". That view-shared by several other outlets-fits comfortably with the Tony Stark-like image Musk has crafted for himself over the years: a quirky and slightly off-kilter playboy genius inventor capable of conquering everything from outer space to the climate crisis with the sheer force of his imagination.

Figure 2. Falcon Heavy at liftoff.

"I was told by a SpaceX VP at the launch that they offered free launches to NASA, Air Force etc. but got no takers".

SpaceX on Tuesday launched Falcon Heavy, the most powerful operational rocket in the world, for the first time. The resulting crash left showered debris all over the landing barge, causing damage to the barge's engines. The device is the most powerful rocket in use today.

Tesla sits just below $320 vs. the 52-week trading range of $242.01 to $389.61.

Skeptics accurately note that this rivalry is heating up just as commercial demand for such firepower is dwindling. The Roadster, which is attached to the rocket's upper stage, will now be subjected to intense radiation in the Van Allen belt zone beyond Earth's atmosphere before being launched into an elliptical orbit around Mars.

So long Starman, and may the fate of humanity's archives fly safely with you.

Figure 4. Planned Hohmann transfer orbit. "The Tesla gimmick was the backup".

Research labs have been hard at work designing new ways to store data, particularly in cold storage avenues where data does not necessarily need to be read or written quickly.

"That is basically what we're doing".

February 7 the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA reported on Ukrainian input to the SpaceX rocket historic propelling into space.

Figure 5. Actual transfer orbit. No, everybody with a pen, a microphone or a news camera is flocking to ask him and then writing about it or putting it on tv.

So that's a summary of the last couple of days following the launch.

The simple answer is because SpaceX is a private company, and it can do whatever it wants to with its money.

Automotive News reports that Tesla has designed and built an automated battery module assembly line that's expected to significantly speed up production. The proposal must still be approved by Tesla's shareholders, who are scheduled to vote in late March.

"Well they'd have to be in our solar system to find them", said Spivack. "I'm sure [SpaceX] would call the car idea brilliant & provocative".

Actually, this isn't such a silly question. It's just not economical to put a full-price satellite on a maiden voyage. Instead, they were gently returned to Earth using retro rockets for subsequent reuse on other launches, a procedure that Musk has already pioneered on lighter versions of his Falcon rockets.

While Tesla's true believers love these stunts, some analysts are questioning whether Musk should be spending more time fixing Tesla's woes. After that, 50% of the credit is available for two quarters, followed by 25% for the next two quarters before phasing out completely. As far as adverts go, this one was pretty good. But he added Tesla remains well ahead on electric vehicle innovation, which makes the stock interesting.

"Whoa! This is like that Heavy Metal video!".

National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Robert Sumwalt said an error with the alignment of a rail switch diverted the Amtrak train down the wrong path. There are even clues that the company is carefully managing its U.S. delivery total. Efforts will now be focused on developing the SpaceX BFR (Big Falcon Rocket), which will be used to transport people to the Moon and to Mars.

Anecdotally, many reservation holders are now contemplating canceling if they're unable to claim the tax credit. "A student developed experiment or early tech demo could have led to even more new knowledge from the mission", Garver tweeted on Thursday evening.

Heck, it's only five years late.