We're finally done with the Greys in 'Fifty Shades Freed — REVIEW

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Oh yeah, this is a fantasy film-no wonder it's doing gangbusters. He stares at her like a constipated cow.

Everyone looked stunning at this Fifty Shades Freed screening.

"This is not what's going on [with me] and hopefully at the end of the day people will remember that this is a character who is completely separate from me and my life". That said, sequels have been rendering audiences limp lately, as declining grosses with each new installment have been eye opening and cause for alarm within the industry.

Fifty shades of Grey, but so few meaningful plot developments.

Jamie Dornan has opened up about the premature death of his beloved mum when he was just a teenager.

From that point, with the danger of Jack hanging over the proceedings, we are treated to more iterations of Ana and Christian being madly in love - and expressing it physically - and angry with the other - and at least once expressing it in a very "Fifty Shades" way. Unfortunately, an arson attempt in the computer server room at Grey Enterprises cuts their honeymoon short and they suddenly find themselves back in harm's way. And what was that conversation with the decorator like?

So with the lack of sexual tension further pouring water on an already decidedly un-erotic potboiler franchise, Foley turns to one of his strengths: a depiction of fragile masculinity that has been a common theme throughout many of his films.

In 2,700 theaters expect around $15M this weekend, and maybe $50M total.

There is a bit of humor this time, with Ana offering to lend handcuffs to the security guards at one point. That sounds cool, but there's also a reason most films use professional actors. It all has to lead to Christian sulking about control issues. How often, after all, do you see a long sequence that's intended to be sexy in which consent is carefully negotiated, act by act? There's also a trip to Paris, the return of an old flame, and even a subplot about a man-hunting architect.

Dornan and Johnson play the roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, respectively, in the movie trilogy.

"I was taught everything I needed to know and I wanted to know as much as I possibly could".

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The second film, though, began to stumble into crazy melodrama.

Let's see if I understand this right. She is the first to see him cry.

"WE own that", he corrects her. There have been blips of brightness, but nothing so far that approaches even cult status. I mean, you don't just come out of the gate and make "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure". Do you see fireworks or a Freudian train entering a tunnel? Christian is domineering, insecure, and given to bouts jealousy if Ana so much as wants to have a drink with a friend, and Ana pushes back against his childish attitudes. Great little tip of the hat to the folks at Disney in here, too.

The films are a hit of course, the first one becoming the fourth-highest-grossing romantic drama of all time (after "Titanic", "Ghost" and "Pearl Harbor").

He coerces them into signing reams of legal papers that secure his financial fortune from any potential litigation, then takes these unsuspecting (but well paid) ladies into his soundproof dungeon where he strips them naked, ties them down only to whip and torture them into sexual submission. Disney desperately needs to bring some much-needed balance to the force. The plot straight up does not matter. It's like a photo spread for an inflight magazine, but with vibrators.