Tesla's losses grow on Model 3 delays

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The idea is to land the first humans on Mars before half this century ends.

Elon Musk's personal 'Midnight Cherry' Roadster became the first consumer car sent into space.

That's based on current projections, but things can always change. Enter: the case for nationalizing Elon Musk, and making the U.S. government a major stakeholder in his companies.

LINDSEY: That's the biggest question that surrounds this case, is if Wayne Williams is the Atlanta monster, is the Atlanta child murderer, then why was he only convicted of killing two adults?

Hanging over us while we were waiting was the real possibility that this rocket could blow up. We felt the roar more than we heard it, the sound drowning out the crowds and hitting us in the chest as if we were leaning into a rock concert loudspeaker.

The lens on our video camera rattled as it captured the event live on television. The scattering of tiny fragments of an electric vehicle is pollution at the minimum - and a safety hazard for future missions at worst.

Lori Garver is general manager of the Air Line Pilots Association, International and the former deputy administrator of NASA.

SpaceX's rocket costs $90 million. If it does, the package could vault him into the ranks of the world's richest people. It's also on the hook to build charging stations for its network of semi trucks. The car is headed very close to Ceres, according to the orbit route shared by Mr Musk. You do not have to be a sci-fi fanatic to enjoy or be drawn to the allure of space. And I remember that so vividly because the Chattahoochee River runs right past my old school.

The email received by the customers reads, "As we work hard to meet demand, we wanted to let you know that your estimated delivery timing has been adjusted to a slightly later window". When companies like SpaceX make it big, they'd be obligated to return some portion of their gains to the public infrastructure that helped them succeed, expanding the government's capacity to facilitate more innovative development.

The Florida's Space Coast 2018 forecast is expected to be one of the more important in recent memory thanks to companies like Blue Origin and SpaceX.

Other Facts: CEO and CTO of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), a commercial space exploration company. I mean, even some of the parents weren't quite sure what to make of this situation.

Model 3 production has not gone entirely to plan, to put it lightly.

Tesla spent $787 million in capital expenditures in the fourth quarter. But it's probably better to spend on grandiose Musk visions than trust our basic quest of survival of the species, perhaps still the most intelligent in our part of the Universe till today.

The Buick Roadmaster of that era signaled not that it was going someplace, such as the end of history foreseen by the Russian Communists, but that it had already arrived.

The suit features a sleeker design than we have come to expect from NASA manned missions, but has been tested in a double vacuum and pulls off an aesthetic look while still being functional.