Microsoft Upgrades Notification-Blocking Feature in Windows 10

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Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 on the Windows Store in the past seven days. It is quite possible that Microsoft may not push this build today even after this teaser.

Now, the company has penned yet another blog post detailing its efforts in developing next-generation security on Windows 10, which proves that the operating system is a "worthy upgrade".

Microsoft's first Insider Build, launched in 2017, has been followed up by Windows 10 Insider Preview Build in the afternoon of Thursday, 11th of January, 2017.

Rather than wait for Microsoft's signal, enterprises are encouraged to roll out upgrades, albeit to internal piloting programs, as soon as consumers are offered them, and then move on to environment-wide deployment as soon as testing is completed and corporate IT staff are confident workflows won't be sundered. Which is probably part of the reason why the threat actors behind VenusLocker decided to switch targets. He also noted that people who primarily require security and performance from their machine can also utilize Windows 10 S, which uses Edge as its default browser and allows the download of apps only from the Windows Store. For example, one variant pretends to be from a South Korean online garment seller who falsely claims that the recipient's information from their website has been leaked due to a website hack. Windows will also turn on the feature while you're duplicating your display, ensuring that no unwanted e-mails interrupt your presentation. The build, 17074, includes forthcoming features such as more control when setting Quiet Hours to restrict notifications, links to the Documents and Pictures folders in the Start menu, and refinements to make the Edge browser a better choice for reading e-books and documents.

Microsoft added support for EPUB Media Overlays. The CVV info is never saved, though, so you'll either have to memorise it or haul out the card anyway.

Combat is tactical; you can create more damage from the back, cast spells to penetrate armor, and use other skills and abilities to your advantage.

The preview build also contains a bevy of Microsoft Edge enhancements, including a revamped Hub interface. Ganacharya explained that this is because older platforms do not have "built-in end-to-end stack defense", which is available on Windows 10. Microsoft typically expects the long-term servicing branch Windows 10 versions to be used only with Internet of Things (IoT) devices or devices that can't tolerate frequent OS updates. Updates will stop arriving for the unsupported Windows 10 implementations, so that's perhaps a compelling factor for keeping the OS updated and monitoring when channel releases arrive.

We have a few more suggestions on how to fix audio issues on PC.

Matches play out automatically but you may change tactics and substitute players to influence the outcome.

While those are the major improvements to build 17074, there are a number of other, smaller enhancements. "This will consistently improve the experience of our international customers with Windows".