Trump's associates question his fitness, author Wolff says

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Trump, in a series of morning tweets, said his Democratic critics and the US news media were bringing up the "old Ronald Reagan playbook and screaming mental stability and intelligence" since they have not been able to bring him down in other ways. "Saw him there. And shortly thereafter, Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon got into a car, went out to Langley to see the director of the CIA and the deputy director, and to ask about these things that Tony Blair had told the president".

Wolff paints the picture of a president who is unfit for the job and aides who come to fear Trump is not capable of, or interested in, processing information and making important decisions. He finished by saying: "We are going to make America great again and it's happening a lot faster than anyone thought possible". "So that is one moment that does not appear to be entirely correct".

NBC interviewer Savannah Guthrie asked Wolff what he was getting at. "He wasn't known as Sloppy Steve Bannon; you named him that yesterday". "That's why Sloppy Steve is now looking for a job".

"Tony Blair, listen", Wolff told the BBC. Trump threatened legal action, demanding that Holt withhold the book.

At the Barnes & Noble in Camp Hill, an employee said the chain retailer is taking reservations for Wolff's book, which was rushed to hit bookstores today.

"They all say he is like a child", he said.

He added: 'What they mean by that is he has the need for instant gratification. "It's all about him".

Mr Bannon was sacked by Mr Trump in August.

Several publications, such as the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post, have questioned the veracity of some facts in Wolff's book, which in many places does not clearly cite the sources of its claims. "I've had no reason to question his mental fitness".

Last year, he reportedly described the President as a "moron" after a national security meeting, a claim denied by his office. He said he has records and notes from about 200 interviews with people connected to the Trump campaign or Trump White House. Those claims prompted fierce rebukes from Trump himself and the White House.

"And that Steve Bannon turned on his friend and boss Donald Trump so quickly".

Fire and Fury went on sale early on Friday, days ahead of its scheduled release, amid the president lawyers' attempts to block its publication.

"With the release of "#Fire And Fury: Inside the Trump White House" on Friday, the administration is doing everything in their power to discredit author #Michael Wolff.