Trump continues to hammer 'sloppy' Steve Bannon

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SIMON: But disagreement - Steve Bannon is quoted as saying - and to my knowledge this statement has not been challenged - saying the president has lost it. Now, are you supporting a president who is incapable of being entrusted with, you know, the awesome responsibilities, including his finger on what we're told this week is not actually a nuclear button but obviously has the power to send nuclear weapons. "Too bad!", tweeted Trump. The New York Times's White House correspondent Maggie Haberman told CNN that the author got some basic details wrong.

Wolff said he spent about three hours with Trump over the course of the campaign and at the White House.

Others suggested Mr. Trump could have been mocking Boehner in some fashion, not questioning his identity.

It has also marked a public break between Trump and his former chief of staff and campaign architect Steve Bannon, after Bannon called the Trump Tower meeting with Russians "treasonous".

Barnes & Noble is selling the hardcover book online for $26.99, though it's not available for shipping until at least Jan. 10.

Speaking on TV in the US, Wolff continued: "This man does not read, does not listen".

James Fallows, a former member of the Jimmy Carter administration, calls the book "unforgettable and potentially historic".

Upon release of the book, President Trump's lawyer sent a cease-and-desist letter to both Michael Wolff, the book's author, and the publisher.

US President Donald Trump.

But Wolff responded: "What was I doing there if he didn't want me to be there?" "I have never been interviewed by Michael Wolff, nor did I give him any quotes, nor did he attempt to verify this totally false comment with me. It was not off the record".

Asked to clarify what he meant when he wrote that Trump's entire circle questioned his fitness for office, Wolff said, "Let me put a marker in the sand here: 100 per cent of the people around him". Sometimes, he critiqued the media.

SIMON: Should he be taunting a dictator with nuclear weapons about the size of his nuclear button?

We have many great Republican members of Congress and candidates who are very supportive of the Make America Great Again agenda. "'He's (Trump's) lost it.'" Trump attacked Wolff - in a tweet - a day before the latter's book was released as well.

Trump said Wolff fabricated stories to sell his book, using "Sloppy Steve Bannon" along the way. And what they mean by that he has a need for immediate gratification.

On Friday, Trump also denied being interviewed for the book.

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In another section, the writer claims Trump used to devise plans to sleep with his friends' wives, saying it made "life worth living".

The big-chain bookstores were no different. He gets up halfway through meetings with world leaders because he is bored.