LG launches 65-inch 'rollable' TV at CES 2018

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However unlike most TV's that remain in your living room when not in use, this TV is rolled up like a sheet of paper, disappearing into a discreet rectangular box. Theoretically, you could roll it up and take it with you if you wanted to. The ranging is very similar to 2017's. The soundbar - while still not being a true 5.1.2 solution - has enough oomph to deliver the ideal sound to match the stunning images.

I haven't seen the 65-incher yet but my hands-on time with its smaller brother (above), a mere 0.18mm thick, kinda blew my mind. With Google AI built into it, users can also get weather updates, book a cab and order food directly from TV.

And, Google Assistant is coming to LG's home devices for hands-free voice control. Second, an extra section of glass now extends down below the bottom of the screen and wraps around the metal stand, finishing just a fraction above the stand's bottom edge. By getting rid of the idea of separate speakers, the company's Crystal Sound technology enables the display surface itself to emanate more realistic, richer sound than speakers can. This is a friggin' rollable TV, dude! An OLED panel is thinner because there is no backlight (all the light comes from the pixels themselves). We gush about the inky black levels and, now, even more colorful images. Graphics in particular will benefit from higher resolution, producing crisper text and smoother lines, resulting in an impression of higher quality. LG is also promising better image rendering and colour accuracy, as well as enhanced viewing angles.

And, with a special Alexa skill and an Amazon Echo, you'll also be able to control select TV functions.

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Speaking of HDR, all the 8-series OLEDs (the W8, G8, E8, C8 and B8) will all support four kinds of HDR formats - HDR10, Dolby Vision, Advanced HDR by Technicolor and HLG. The monitor will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018, to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.