Palestinians march in Gaza to protest US move on Jerusalem

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In a move condemned by most of the world, Donald Trump has announced the US will recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. "It is in everyone's interest that this does not happen".

Yet the same defiant stance was on view in October after Trump declined to ratify the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Iran, which the United States had signed in July 2015, along with six other counties and the EU central government. State-run Anadolu Agency said Erdoğan was in contact with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, Tunisian President Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi, and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Trump "is prepared to support a two State solution".

In Gaza, hundreds of Palestinian protesters burned American and Israeli flags and waved banners proclaiming Jerusalem as their "eternal capital", language that Israelis use as well. The U.S. would be only country to move its embassy away Tel Aviv.

Chief of Staff John Kelly and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley also recommended that Trump overturn U.S. policy and publicly acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the person said.

In Australia, curious tourists are often shocked to find Sydney is not actually the capital city, and usually told the inland city of Canberra was built as the "bush capital" as a compromise somewhere between Australia's largest city and its competitor to the south, Melbourne.

"Mr Trump! Jerusalem is a red line for Muslims", Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a raucous televised speech on Tuesday, echoing alarm expressed by Palestinian and Arab leaders.

"It will not bring any stability or peace, but rather chaos and instability", he said. "It is also the right thing to do".

In an attempt to lobby against the move, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called world leaders, including Pope Francis, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to one of his aides.

The status of Jerusalem is a critical issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with both sides claiming the city as their capital. Some EU states see the US government's declaration as an incentive to double down on the union's official neutral position on the Holy City pending the result of peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians. Moving the US embassy will probably take years to implement, but the repercussions of Trump's decision are likely to be swift.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are preparing for violence after Hamas called for a "day of rage" in response to Trump's controversial decision.

King Abdullah of Jordan "affirmed that the decision will have serious implications that will undermine efforts to resume the peace process and will provoke Muslims and Christians alike", said a statement from his office. Thousands of Israeli law enforcers are expected to be on duty in Jerusalem on Friday.

Both Israelis and Palestinians lay claim to Jerusalem, but Israel has controlled the city since 1967.

The White House argues the move would not prejudge final talks and would represent the reality that west Jerusalem is and will continue to be part of Israel under any settlement. It remained unclear, however, when he might take that physical step, which is required by U.S. law but has been waived on national security grounds for more than two decades. He chafed at signing a waiver six months ago to postpone the decision and wanted the issue resolved before signing another one this week. That's because in 1947, the city had been designated by the United Nations Security Council to remain an international zone, a demilitarized "corpus separatum"- a separate body - governed by UN troops.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, left, speaks with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, right, during a group photo of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels, Dec. 5, 2017.