Gutfeld: The real collusion between FBI and Clinton campaign

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That certainly played a role in America's reluctance to bomb North Korea; the latter's conventional forces are quite sufficient to launch devastating reprisals against both South Korea's civilian population and the tens of thousands of American troops stationed there.

One of the reasons why President Trump criticized the bureau is because they were pressing his former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, for information about his campaign's communication with Russia.

Strzok became the focus of national criticism, and a posterchild of investigative partisanship, when it was reported that he wrote emails to another agent mocking President Trump and was subsequently dismissed from the Russia probe. He adds that it's "really interesting" that the dirty dossier found its way into Strzok's orbit around the same time. What is the FBI hiding?

Mueller's culpability in this goes beyond the questions of his own potential conflictions in the Russia case. It also follows the vote to hold then-Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress - the first ever against a sitting member of the Cabinet - with 17 Democrats voting in support.

Hillary Clinton, Mills and Huma Abedin made what appear to be false statements to the FBI. How important it was and how under the microscope every move you made would be. The "Up or Out" program also resulted in a tremendous amount of lost talent, as the demotions and retirements saw a wealth of institutional knowledge head out the door.

The US government is a sieve when it comes to keeping things secret. The Supreme Court offers hope to social conservatives in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, facilitated by Trump's appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the bench. Time will tell, but it doesn't look good for the supposedly 'non-partisan' Mueller investigative team.

Trump has become more vociferous and conspiratorial as the special council investigation continues to heat up and get closer to his inner circle. While the Clinton investigation did everything possible to protect her and her aides, regardless of the evidence, the Trump investigation did everything possible to destroy him and his associates without producing a single charge relevant to the actual investigation.

There's more. The recent revelations concerning sexual harassment and abuse have somehow worked to Trump's advantage despite his own sordid history and the allegations against him. We all remember the acrimony between the FBI and Apple over the iPhone in the San Bernardino shootings. Many elected to accept the defrocking. In the spirit of the Christmas season, Trump should cap the taxpayer expense at ten times the cost of a death penalty case, or $23 million.

Judge Andrew Napolitano downplayed the concerns over FBI Agent Peter Strzok's politically-charged text messages in the midst of the Clinton email and Trump-Russia probes. It's also the emergence of groupthink.

Strzok, a top FBI official who had led the agency's counterintelligence division, was reassigned to work in the FBI's human resources department after his removal from Mueller's special counsel team.

Trump doubled-down, calling the probe "phony and dishonest". And no agent - or senior executive - no matter how talented or gifted they're presumed to be, should be permitted to oversee and closely manage sequential high-profile investigations, as Strzok was.