PS4 online multiplayer drops PlayStation Plus requirement for five days

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More than ever we're seeing games which depend heavily on massively online multiplayer modes - Destiny 2, FIFA 18, and Call of Duty WW2 are already drawing in players and, next week, Star Wars Battlefront 2 will join them. While it sounds like I'm describing a self-defense class, I am in fact actually prepping you for the inevitable Black Friday sale that is preparing itself for the mother of all consumer brouhahas. Some offers may of course, vary from store to store.

To try and convince European PS4 players without PS Plus memberships of the benefits, Sony has announced it's going to be making its online multiplayer services free from November 15 to November 20.

For PlayStation 4, the standard slim 1TB system in Jet Black will be available at $199.99 USD. As such, it has quickly become a time of year whereby shoppers queue at malls before opening, and digital warriors will even forgo their carpel tunnel regimen to score a great deal.

Today, Sony teased the PS Plus-exclusive with some titles that would be featured in the sale.

PS4 Black Friday 2017 Sales

The sale ends on November 21st, at 8AM PT.

South African retailers have adopted America's Black Friday faster than Zuma can tank the Rand.

Thanks to all of our fans for continuing to make PS4 the top selling game console and PlayStation the best place to play.

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