Tesla's Semi Truck unveiling will blow you mind into another dimension — Musk

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And Tesla CEO Elon Musk is certainly not tamping down expectations, tweeting over the weekend that the upcoming truck would "blow minds out of their skulls" when it is unveiled this Thursday evening at 8 p.m. PST.

But this constraint creates a bottleneck for the entire production line, which needs to restrict its output so it doesn't create excessive inventory since it can't complete the Model 3 vehicles without the battery modules. The Tesla Semi has the potential to disrupt a core part of the U.S. economy.

New standards for the industry were introduced in 2016 to improve fuel efficiency and cut carbon pollution, and analysts believe that Tesla's innovations could spark big changes and speed up the process of getting those emissions closer to zero.

Elon Musk isn't stopping at revolutionizing the electric car.

"Semi specs are better than anything I've seen reported so far". While Tesla has already released an updated teaser of the new truck, Tesla has been pretty quiet about the bigger details.

The truck's shape resembles the shadowy rendering Tesla previously teased.

Now that the release is drawing near, Musk posted another Tweet that's full of praise for the electric truck.

The image was posted to Reddit by someone who claimed it shows the truck being delivered to 'an undisclosed place in California where they test Tesla vehicles'. The biggest things to look out for at Tesla's November 16 event are the semi-truck's range, costs, weight and towing capacity, and its autonomous capabilities, Spak notes.

The company is now guiding the first regular customer deliveries by the end of the year, but it appears to be dependent on fixing the production constraint with the battery modules at the Gigafactory 1.

This week Tesla will officially (and finally) unveil its much-anticipated electric truck in Hawthorne, California.