IPhone X Freezes Up in Cold Weather, Customers Say

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With each passing day, we hear of a new issue with the iPhone X display or more importantly with its most publicised feature Face ID.

These two handsets will be flanked by a next-generation iPhone X, he said, featuring the same 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED display as the recently released model. Research firm Canalys also noted that the iPhone 8 Plus outpaced the iPhone 8 last quarter, making it the first 5.5-inch iPhone to beat out it's smaller sibling in shipments.

Apple has yet to reveal their plans after unveiling the iPhone X in September, but the rumors are rife that the next mobile device coming from the Cupertino-based tech giant is the current flagship's larger variant.

To take a screenshot with the iPhone X, press and hold the only button on the right side of your phone, then press and release the volume up button on the left side. Similarly, it is expected that Apple will soon officially comment on the issue after some initial investigation.

The crackling sound occurs on affected iPhones with any kind of audio playback, including phone calls, music, videos with sound, alarms and ringtones. Another user found the crackling issue at around 50 per cent volume. According to reports, users are reporting a unusual permanent green line on their display, which doesn't disappear even when the users restart the smartphone. Why am I talking about next year's iPhones, when most people haven't had the opportunity to set eyes on the flashy $1579 iPhone X that just came out? The company claims that the unresponsive touchscreen problem in the iPhone X can be resolved with a software fix, and its engineers are hard at work creating a patch for the embarrassing problem. Think of these as the iPhone X 2, at least for now. The update also addresses an issue with Siri. It is also unclear as of now whether the issues faced are OLED-related or whether it is due to some other reason. Let us know below.