Harvey Weinstein's wife Georgina Chapman leaves him

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And still, it was known to leading Hollywood actresses, and their leading men, known to other producers and journalists for decades and decades.

Despite Crews being more-than capable of physically matching this person, and with the added witness of his wife, he did not physically protect himself, nor did he go fully public with what happened. Weinstein was fired Sunday from the Weinstein Co. No arrests were made and no crime was reported. The group said all of the money will be donated. But Harvey Weinstein is not the only perpetrator. Now, Chapman is calling it quits.

"Michelle and I have been disgusted by the recent reports of Harvey Weinstein", former President Barack Obama said in a joint statement with his wife on Tuesday evening. But connections between journalists and Weinstein run deep and may have contributed to the self-censorship. But Harvey Weinstein is not the only perpetrator.Hollywood is not the only business where this happens, and to the casualties of this behaviour- you are not alone. Meantime, Weinstein has left for Europe to undergo treatment at a rehab center, his representative confirmed to CNN.

As more and more women detail allegations of sexual harassment against Weinstein - including megastars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie - another story is beginning to unfold.

Harvey is reportedly blaming Bob for leaking the sexual misconduct story in order to get him removed from their company, but the 62-year-old producer has branded his disgraced sibling a "world class liar" and insisted he had nothing to do with the expose. Jolie told the Times that Weinstein made unwanted advanced toward her in a hotel room, which she rejected. The decision comes just days after bombshell reports were published alleging he has sexually assaulted a number of industry actresses.

Chapman co-founded the luxury brand Marchesa in 2004, the year Chapman met Weinstein at a party in New York City.

Damon said he did not know the detail of the allegations and has denied the accusation. She adds that Weinstein was screaming profanity that cannot be printed here.

Bannon was not immediately available to comment, according to a spokeswoman. Former actress and screenwriter Louisette Geiss described a similar incident involving Weinstein that occurred in 2008. I didn't stand in Georgina's way when we discussed a separation, I encouraged her to do what was in her heart.

"All of New York media was there", she says.

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"I was a kid, I was signed up, I was petrified", Paltrow, 45, told the newspaper. "I have chosen to leave my husband", she said. I don't want her or my children to be hurt any more than they already have. "I truly love Georgina, and I hope one day we can reconcile, although right now I don't know if that could possibly happen".

Clinton also said she was shocked by the allegations against Weinstein, and she had no idea about his past of harassment.