[Video] Samsung phone explodes in a man's pocket

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"With the cinematic screen and Samsung's cutting edge Quad HD Super AMOLED display, movies look crisp and clear, photos are brilliant and games are truly immersive", Lee explained.

Last week, a Samsung Grand Duos smartphone exploded in a man's pocket in Indonesia, setting his shirt on fire.

Another Samsung phone has burned to ashes but this time Samsung is not at fault.

In fact, the battery was taken from a third party which is not justified. A video of the incident has also been making rounds on the internet.

"There was a strong sensation of heat and I felt something start to shake", said the man whose phone went awry. From the video, you can see the smartphone exploding with his shirt pocket covered in blue flames.

The incident was reported by Channel News Asia. The video score is a slightly low but given that the overall rating is the best one at the moment, there wouldn't be any other choice better than Galaxy Note 8 in the market for good camera and video. Also the electronics manufacturers that are Seoul-based have been trying to make commercial the optical fingerprint sensors since a long period of time and now planned to implement them the Galaxy S8 lineup. Someone comes to rescue and right away, removes his shirt in order to avoid the further injury on the person. Synaptics, BeyondEyes, and subsidiary Samsung LSI all have their foot in the door so to speak and have shipped samples to the firm, with the two latter companies being favorites.

We sincerely wish for our customer's swift recovery, and strongly recommend all our consumers to use Samsung's genuine or approved batteries for the Samsung products and should not go for the batteries which are coming from the third party.