Kenya: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Comes to Kenya

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The Google phone got an overall score or 98, topping the dual-lens iPhone 8 Plus' and Galaxy Note 8's 94.

Well, Samsung users have always made the very valid argument that Apple always bit off the of their phone, taking the features but just made them cooler with a dorkier name.

The ultimate expression of this is the Samsung Note 8, which includes everything except the kitchen sink, ranging from removable storage, stylus, waterproofing, fingerprint reader and even a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The company is hoping to turn the tide with its next #LG V30.

The Pixel 2's background blur effects have improved over what the Pixel offers, but they're not as natural looking as the iPhone 8 Plus's camera, the reviewers found. Considering Samsung's reputation for always going overboard when it comes to hardware specs, Galaxy S7 Edge is packed with high-end features. While the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were lacklusture in comparison to iPhone X, this was perhaps the last thing Apple wanted.

While the Galaxy Note 8 trails the iPhone 8+ in video capabilities (the scores are 84 vs 89, respectively), it trumps the 8+ in shooting still photos (100 vs 96, respectively).

South Korean tech giant LG has also been increasing its own production of OLED panels and has fitted its latest flagship with its own P-OLED panel.

Each OLED screen will cost $110 to make or around P5,600. The iPhone 8 Plus battery is getting swollen up, causing the casing to crack open from the sides. The audio is also reportedly better, "fuller and richer" and closer to a "true stereo experience". That said, it may come down to a personal preference.

The pre-orders for iPhone X have started but the device will be available to the users at6 the beginning of 2018. Do you use the flash often?

This is not the first time Apple has had batteries swell within new devices. The smartphone features a high screen-to-body ratio, dual-camera system, and elegant design.

Similarly, it's water-resistant. I didn't really test this in depth other than a few spots of rain.

This smartphone used to hold the title of being Samsung's flagship device. Then go ahead and draw whatever you wish on top of it.