Varadkar: Irish Government will not recognise result of Catalan independence referendum

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Analysts were Monday trying to assess what the vote means for economic and political stability in Spain and the EU, with several warning of a crisis ahead.

Pique has been an outspoken supporter of Catalonia's right to self-determination in the face of the Spanish government's crackdown on preparations for the referendum.

Carles Puigdemont, the Catalan president, said today that the EU had a duty to protect. The Spanish government had made it very clear that it would not tolerate such a direct challenge to the unity of Spain or the constitution itself.

So even though many of the Catalan government's arguments for independence are dubious, Madrid's actions have now given Barcelona additional pretext to unilaterally declare independence.

"I really think I can still go with the national team because I'm convinced that there are thousands of people who are in total disagreement with what's happened".

One told Spanish daily El Espanol they were keen motorcyclists and claimed Marcela preferred skirts and dresses to leathers when she went out with her husband.

The Catalan government, which passed legislation last month to begin creating an independent state, says it is.

Some of the 1,000 fans that attended the open training session sang, "Piqué, cabrón, fuera de la selección (Pique, asshole, out of the national team)". That doesn't mean Spain will necessarily fracture - but it does dramatically increase the chances of that happening in the longer run. By the same token, a few years ago the British government jointly organized with Scotland a referendum on Scottish independence. The Spanish dictator banned the Catalan language from the school system and suppressed Catalan institutions. It reported that "abstention had won" the day, while many media cited the Catalan government's declaration that 90% of Catalans had voted to separate from Spain.

The figures could also help Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as he tries to convince voters in an Oct. 22 election that his "Abenomics" stimulus policies have improved their livelihoods, analysts say. The independence referendum has been ruled unconstitutional by the Spanish constitutional court.

Despite this attack on the democratic process, Catalans have voted for their independence.

Catalonia's vote on independence - which was not recognised by the Spanish government and marred by over 800 people being injured in clashes with police - is casting a shadow over the future of Spain's political stability.

But most other European markets rose as the weaker euro is positive for exporters in the region, analysts said. According to Reuters, Catalonia contributes $12 billion more taxes than it gets back from Madrid, whereas Spain's poorest region Andalusia, receives $9.5 billion more than it pays in. Us Catalans have earned the right to be heard.

It also has a high degree of autonomy, but is not recognised as a separate nation under the Spanish constitution.

The prospect of an exclusively Catalonian league seems unappealing. Surely the EU can understand the threat that repressing Catalan nationalism in such an ugly way in front of the entire world poses to its own project of cleansing Europe of the horrors of racism, colonialism, and the Holocaust.

Before the vote, Spain's military police also raided the Catalan government offices on September 20, during which at least 14 junior officials and associates were arrested and almost 10 million ballot papers were seized. "I don't expect it to have the effect sought by the pro-independence politicians and I don't think it's going to put so much pressure on Rajoy that he has to take decisions against his will", said Antonio Barroso.