Xbox One X Consoles Are Now Available to Pre-Order

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Microsoft is in a weird spot. Do you wait and release a true next-gen console in a few years?

The new wave of preorders that Microsoft has started will allow those who didn't get a chance the first time around to try again.

Microsoft went the latter route with the Xbox One X. What more could you want?

Microsoft really isn't trying to dupe you when it says the machine is the world's 'most powerful console'.

Debuting in 2005 as an Xbox-exclusive competitor to PlayStation's then-supreme "Gran Turismo" franchise, since 2011 the circuit-based "Forza Motorsport" has alternated with open world spin-off "Forza Horizon".

Check out the launch trailer in all its 4K glory. The new gaming system was originally designed to compete with the PlayStation 4 Pro, which has 4k resolution capabilities as well as a more efficient make in terms of hardware efficiency. This baby is 31% faster than the actual Xbox.

Of course it can't all be graphics. This means a total of 15 discs of content, even if so far there is only the option for two disc mastering. Enhanced games will receive packaging to indicate the changes, and the Xbox Live Store will sort games by a specific filter making it easy to find enhanced titles. Whatever the case, the gamers will be waiting like eager beavers for the Xbox One X, all the better to play some cool and funky games on it. What's that? It's called "supersampling"?

The console will carry a price tag of about $500 in the USA. Up until now, it had been sold under the guise of Project Scorpio special edition.

At the event, Xbox fans and the community can get hands on with Forza Motorsport 7 and Super Lucky's Tale on Xbox One X ahead of their official launch.

The gameplay video that you are watching was captured directly from an Xbox One X development kit, at 4k/UHD resolution (2160p) and 60 fps. Also old and new games will be enhanced by developers.

Okay but I don't have a 4K HDR tv yet! Also, your Xbox One controllers work on Xbox One X. We're sure this won't trouble you too much, it's a pretty nice design.