Watch this epic SpaceX rocket booster blooper reel go boom

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In an Instagram post on Thursday, Musk released a SpaceX blooper video featuring explosions and fire caused by their failed orbital rocket booster. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

At one point, as the rocket crashes down onto its pad, the video captions it as follows: "Well, technically it did land.just not in one piece".

SpaceX achieved its first successful landing in December 2015, but it was far from smooth sailing with several of the costly mishaps featured in the video occurring in 2016. While the video shows something... different.

Landing and reusing rocket boosters is key to Musk's plans of sending payloads - and eventually humans - to Mars.

The previously unreleased footage provides insight into each of the failed attempts - which include engine sensor failure, running out of liquid oxygen, running out of hydraulic fluid and damaged landing legs.

Watch this epic SpaceX rocket booster blooper reel go boom

Musk delivered on that promise today (Sept. 14), with the debut of a video just over 2 minutes long that's filled with blowups set to the cheerful "Monty Python" theme song. Or in SpaceX's case, try, try - and try - and try - and keep trying again until you get it right.

There are rockets crashing into a landing platform at sea and into the ocean itself, and one test vehicle that went awry and exploded in midair.

While the video highlights the unsuccessful attempts, that's not to say that SpaceX hasn't made any successful landings.

Rocket reusability has now become SpaceX's specialty, at least for their Falcon 9's boost stage.