Trump 'immature' and 'unqualified for the position that he holds — Clinton

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Although Donald Trump did not directly reference Hillary Clinton's book What Happened in his latest series of tweets, his rant suggests that it may be a response to it.

To accompany an interview with Ms Clinton, as she promotes a new memoir, What Happened, the magazine has revealed it planned to use a painting entitled The First by French illustrator Malika Favre.

Hillary Clinton stands in the Oval Room, her hand perched on the President's chair, as she gazes into the moonlit sky. At a campaign event last year, Clinton said half of Trump's supporters belong in a "basket of deplorables".

We all know she had to have been thinking it. But now, she's outright saying it on television!

Trump's comments came in the wake of excerpts from Clinton's new book, titled 'What Happened', in which she has criticized, apart from Trump, a host of persons, including former FBI Director James Comey, the Vladimir Putin regime in Russia and her Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders for damaging her White House bid.

But Clinton doesn't think they can.

The former secretary of state responded on Twitter on Thursday, suggesting Trump to buy the children's picture book adaptation of her 1996 book "It Takes A Village", a then-popular manifesto about what it takes for children to succeed in the US. "From my perspective, I have a lot of experience and expertise and insight that I'm sharing with the world, and particularly with Democrats". Some waited in line for more than five hours to see her.

Clinton's publicity tour, coinciding with the book's release, has included appearances on TV and news shows, and at bookstore signing events.

"Domestically, to our institutions of democracy, our self-governance, our rule of law", she charged.