It's high time the Electoral College must be abolished — Clinton

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'You are supposed to shut your eyes - I don't want to shut my eyes on national television - but you do hold [your nostril] and breathe through one, and you hold it and then you exhale to the other and you keep going'.

"I'm hoping that on the really big issues there's enough authority to be able to restrain and contain the president", Clinton told Maddow.

The former Democratic nominee is reflective, revealing her inner dialogue about those months on the trail, the night of the election, that concession call to Trump, and what she's done in the months since the inauguration.

On Thursday, Clinton fired back by suggesting the president read her 1996 illustrated children's book, It Takes A Village.

"You didn't like that book, try this one - some good lessons in here about working together to solve problems".

His tweets were essentially a rehash of things he has said in the past.

As the recent barrage of publicity (and blowback begetting more publicity, and so on, and so on) has made clear, Hillary Clinton has released a new book! "And if they're not, they need to be speaking out or leaving", she said. "Republicans spent years shamelessly trying to score political point off the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, in September 2012. I feel very strongly that he went way beyond his role in doing what he did". Comey issued a statement two days before the election reaffirming his decision announced in July that there was no reason to recommend charges against her.

This never happened, but the New Yorker was ready for President Clinton. Quartz reported that the Amazon review analysis site ReviewMeta showed the average rating from unverified purchases was a 2.3, while the average from verified purchases of the book was 4.9.

But she lost that election, which thrust Trump into the White House in January this year.