Engine options 'limited' for Red Bull

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"For sure on Sunday, everyone can be selfish to do better, but it helps (with the relationship) if you understand the bigger picture", said Ricciardo.

Renault's contract with Red Bull ends after 2018, and as that relationship has been nowhere near harmonious with numerous complaints about reliability from Red Bull, they've opted not to extend it. To wit: this is the engine supplier Red Bull tried to abandon once before, only to rebrand the Renault units as "Tag Heuers" when no other F1 engine supplier would work with them.

There was no word from Renault or Red Bull on their future together, following reports that the French manufacturer will walk away from their partnership after 2018. There will be further developments with that but that doesn't relate to the engine.

"I said the Ferrari could be a problem, and now it's Red Bull", Mercedes non-executive chairman Niki Lauda told Sky Sports television. However, although not confirmed yet, speculation suggests Renault could pull the plug next year - two years ahead of schedule.

The Singapore street circuit is believed to best suit Ferrari as Sebastian Vettel aims to reclaim the championship lead from Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton.

Red Bull Racing Formula One's team drivers Daniel Ricciardo (pictured left) and Max Verstappen (pictured right) are back again with another local challenge.

In a sport where winning is determined by the machine as much as the man, the only true level playing field is between team-mates who drive the same car.

Both Ricciardo and Verstappen will film social media videos at every F1 Grand Prix stop and on their first evening in Singapore, they got on a eight-minute Facebook live video to chat with fans.

The video, which is gaining traction online, amassed over 1.4 million views, 31k reactions, 7.8k shares and 5.8k comments at the time of writing. "It's always good to have options". "Here, what I've seen today, Red Bull is outstanding, in the long runs they are one second quicker so they are really doing an incredible performance at the moment".

"We fortunately cleared the air then and there".

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) attempted to ban the use of team orders in 2002, but the sport's governing body retracted the ban in 2011 as teams were continuing to find ways around the rule.

Earlier this week, it was reported that McLaren and Honda will be parting ways at the end of the current season of Formula 1.