Belkin Announces Wireless Charger For iPhone 8 & iPhone X

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According to Cook, Apple Park's design was among the last ones that Jobs did prior to his death in 2011.

Chief operating officer Jeff Williams introduced updates on the WatchOS 4 and the latest iteration of the Apple Watch. This screen dominates the front of the phone and it's going to be one of the iPhone X features you'll love the most.

Current Apple CEO Tim Cook called the iPhone X ("X" is pronounced like the number 10, not the letter X) "the biggest leap forward" since the first iPhone, which debuted in 2007. And yes, facial recognition software is no longer just science fiction - it's real and it's on the X.

Apple has priced every new product at the same price in pounds and dollars, taking into account currency fluctuations, import costs and taxes. Oh, and there is still no headphone jack. As reports have confirmed that iPhone 8 Plus will be one of the three models to be unveiled.

"Our EPS (earnings per share) estimate of US$11.15 does not change at an iPhone ASP (average selling price) of US$724 on an iPhone X contribution of 35%".

Cook said the campus is powered by 100% renewable energy, and has one of the largest on-site solar panel systems. After Tuesday's presentation, the center of the building opened up to reveal a demo area where people could try out the new devices.

While the iPhone X sits atop the range as the most badass iPhone money can buy, the iPhone 8 is more of a minor step up from the outgoing iPhone 7, with the Plus version for those who want a slightly bigger display and have clown pockets. The store will sell the usual Apple products and accessories, along with custom shirts bearing the circular logo of Apple Park's main building for $40.

Apple iPhone 8: What are the new features?

Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller said the glass-body iPhone 8 and 8 Plus handsets were the first smartphones "really created for augmented reality", with improved power and graphics over their predecessors.

Apple's new iPhone X is a blend of glass back, steel frames, an edge-to-edge display, and new functionalities on board. The OLED iPhone X is required to be uncovered with 3GB of RAM memory, so this implies this figure will positively be held for the iPhone 8 Plus, similar to the case a year ago with the iPhone 7 Plus.

For slow-motion, 1080p at 240fps means you have twice as many frames to play with than before so you can slow it down twice as much without any degradation.

The most interesting addition and one that is convenient is wireless charging.

The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus start at $699 and arrive on September 22. The company is now also calling its stores 'Town Squares'. This presumably won't discover support with all Apple fans, yet it seems to be a general bearing of the business, with Google evidently proposing to take out the earphones jack for the pending Pixel 2.