Internet flooded with fake Game Of Thrones spoilers after latest episode leaked

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It's been a tricky few weeks for one of the world's hottest TV shows. This makes it an ideal show for betting on, as players try to guess the outcome of power struggles, or which character will be killed off during a series.

"This is the first time in the history of Star India that an incident of this nature has occurred".

Prime Focus Technologies said in a statement on Wednesday the leak "was not a system hack but an illegal breach of obligations".

The hackers claim to have 1.5 terabytes of data, and reportedly posted episodes of several HBO shows including Game of Thrones, Ballers, Room 104 and the upcoming show Barry on a website called "".

As HBO struggles to stop "Game of Thrones" (GoT) leaks and tackle hackers' ransom threats, another hacker group has broken into the TV company's Twitter and Facebook accounts.

HBO did not immediately respond to the BBC's request for comment. It is highly likely that the data contains Trojans that could infect your computer.

The adventure-fantasy series follows family dynasties as they compete for the power of the throne, and it has picked up a strong following thanks to its unexpected storylines and frequent plot twists. "That's a very, very small amount in these kinds of negotiations". They're on a possible suicide mission to capture a wight - a re-animated corpse controlled by the Whitewalkers. Why? Apparently some people even mentioned that the episode clips were leaked on social media. However, my evil side is rampant, it appeals to my weakness saying that it is already out there, that it is not my fault, that the IT department of HBO should have been more careful. But if there's one thing Game of Thrones has taught us, it's about how to look after our money.

"The information and material collected at the Bangalore office and the Mumbai Police station was collated, studied and analysed by the police".

The person responsible for airing the sixth episode hasn't been caught yet and we pray for his soul because we're certain, they won't be spared.