Samsung not to bring on-display fingerprint sensor in Galaxy S9

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First, we see the dual camera setup, the LED flash and the fingerprint scanner are all contained within a separate block on the back of the device.

That's according to ETNews, which says the case will be made of a transparent plastic material, designed to be as thin as possible while covering the back and sides of the Galaxy Note 8.

LG and Samsung are the close competitors as both of them excel in designing their own technologies rather than depending on the third parties. In terms of size, the Note 8 will be slightly larger than the current Samsung will sport a 6.3-inch display.

Samsungvn revealed the wallpapers that will be included in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. However, it may be repositioned for a more ergonomic experience.

The fingerprint sensor is likely to be next to the cameras, just like its younger bro; the S8. Taking a look at model numbers for the phone, Samsung seems to be plotting a model with 256GB of storage. But the company soon had to recall the Galaxy Note 7 and discontinued its production despite its highly praised features due to several reports of fire on its battery. He shared a promotional image of the Galaxy Note 8, confirming the rendered previously leaked. Hence the company is now planning to excel in the smartphone market by providing high-performance devices. The authenticity of the image is further confirmed by Mark Gurman who suggests that Apple is indeed interested in staying ahead of the competition by focusing on bezels.

The front of the device appears very similar to the Galaxy S8, dominated by the Infinity display and minimal features to mar the otherwise smooth expanse of glass.

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As per the reports, Apple and Samsung are going to implement the in-screen fingerprint scanner which is the tricky feature.

Today, we're getting our first look at the wallpapers that come on the Galaxy Note 8.