Samsung Galaxy Note 8 first real-life pictures leaked

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The internet has been rife with reports that suggest Samsung is following in Apple's footsteps and is hard at works on an under-glass fingerprint sensor, which will be nested on the front display. It is possible the exact location may be improved to make it clutter-free in view of difficulties expressed by users of the Galaxy S8. The one difference between the Note 8 and the S8/S8+ is the fact that the edges are a little squared compared to the rounded edges of the S8.

The latest titbit is based on a listing for the Galaxy Note 8's South Korean models shared on Twitter, which includes Note 8 models with "256GB" in their model number. Now, it is already making rounds on Reddit and other forums. The Note 8 is also expected to feature the "full-screen display" that covers almost the entire front body of the phone. The dual rear-facing cameras are said to enable advanced imaging including depth of field, powerful optical zoom, better low-light images, and even the ability to slightly edit a photo's perspective.

It's been claimed Samsung are planning to introduce the feature with the Note 9 so they have time to refine it. Today, for example, someone posted real pictures of engineering samples of this unit, which once again confirmed all the rumors about his appearance. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case.

The display will also not be the Infinity display and will be a normal one. It came with some new and improved features like the ability to magnify and translate content straight off the bat. The edges of the screen have subtle curves to either side, just like last year's Note 7.

The same design is expected to feature on the Galaxy S9, but 9to5Google are reporting the fingerprint scanner will get a big shake-up with the Note 9. However, we might see the tech soon. Samsung was reportedly meant to use an under-the-display fingerprint sensor in the S8 and S9, but ran into technical difficulties of getting it done, hence the Note 9 reportedly the first with the under-display fingerprint sensor.