Galaxy S9 to use Substrate-like PCB to fit larger battery

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Other mainboard manufacturers are expected to lose business. Samsung's approach to the matter is to use a Substrate-like PCB which will let it reduce the size of the main board, making way for a bigger battery.

Using SLP would alleviate that problem. One where other OEMs that don't have access to SLP technology and components will have a hard time catching up with. Sources told the publication that the Samsung would expand the application of SLP "once the initial introduction phase of SLP passes by".

Discussing specs, Galaxy S8 active features almost same specs of the Samsung Galaxy S8. However, it will be slimmer than its predecessor due to the new SLP mainboards. This raises the question whether all Galaxy S9 models will house SLPs. This kind of impact is now spreading to PCB manufacturers. The use of Y-OCTA has led to a decline in demand for Touch Screen Panels. An SLP can satisfy both conditions, allowing the Galaxy S9 to feature a bigger battery while maintaining crisp thin bezels at the same time.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has told investors that Samsung won't integrate the optical fingerprint sensor into Galaxy S9.

Space is at a very high premium in smartphones, which is one of the reasons why chip makers are always trying to make their silicon smaller.

"SLP utilizes MSAP (Modified Semi-Additive Process) method, which is a semiconductor package technology." said Kwon Sung-ryool who is a researcher for Dongbu Securities Co., Ltd. "This will be advantageous for businesses such as Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. that has secured such technology". The rugged smartphone from Samsung is powered by a Snapdragon 835 SoC with 4GB of RAM. Samsung and Synaptics had been working together for a long time on the technology. Batteries, most especially, haven't changed that much in the past decade or so and the only solution has been to just use larger and larger batteries while also trying to be more efficient in their use.

The Galaxy S9's motherboard may be stacked per industry insiders.