Ground swallows home at site of 2012 sinkhole

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Nearby roads are closed and homes are being evacuated.

What began as a small depression under a boat parked in the front yard next to Villa's burnt-orange Ocean Pines Drive rental home quickly grew to a behemoth pit. Two homes have been completely destroyed. Raw video shows the hole expand in fits and starts, swallowing boats, furniture, and other household items. "That's where we're at in the response".

A sinkhole forced a neighborhood to evacuate Friday, as it caused two houses to collapse and continued to grow.

The residents of the first house drove up in time to see the rest of their house destroyed, Murphy said, speaking to reporters in front of the sinkholes. At this point, the hole was moving toward the house. Residents were in that home, but they managed to get out safely. The aunt, Lynne Dudley, was in California attending a memorial for her husband, local singer-songwriter Timothy Dudley, who died in November.

Professional geologists and geotechnical engineering consultants with professional geologists on staff can perform a variety of tests to attempt to locate buried cavities which might form sinkholes.

Pasco Fire Rescue, Emergency Management, Duke Energy and a Pasco building inspector are responding to the scene. The column has been reposted with the recent sinkhole event in mind.

In 2011, a Florida man died while drilling a well after a sinkhole opened up beneath him and his truck. Please avoid the area. By mid-afternoon, it reached 225 feet and appeared to stabilize, Guthrie said at an early evening press conference in the neighborhood.

"We had all our memories there", said Thalia Chapman, Villa's daughter. "We know there's a high level of anxiety". Mother Nature is going to take what Mother Nature takes.”. The oversight of time zones was assigned to DOT because time standards are important for many modes of transportation. The residents had already left the home to go to work. These tests include ground penetrating radar surveys, electrical resistivity tests, and boring's.

"This is going to be a couple of weeks, maybe a month-long operation", Guthrie said.