Sebastian Vettel does not like 'shield — British Grand Prix

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The German currently leads the Drivers' Championship by 20 points but has not won a race since May's Monaco GP, while he has only started on pole once in 2017.

"Sebastian and I are neighbours", Mercedes chief Wolff is quoted by Osterreich newspaper, "so it's normal that we sometimes visit one another".

The dropzone featured the usual pretenders, though, with Williams' Lance Stroll being nudged out in P16, marking back-to-back Q1 eliminations for the Canadian rookie.

The bid to improve cockpit safety in Formula One comes after British IndyCar driver Justin Wilson and Henry Surtees, competing in Formula Two, were killed in recent years after they were struck on the crash helmet by debris from other accidents.

When it was put to Horner that it would probably be wet in Britain, he replied: "It probably won't be, knowing Silverstone!".

F1 is currently looking to develop the sport on several digital platforms.

Yet Hamilton was, curiously, getting ready for this week's Greece. A quick note: if his focus is on the BGP as stated, then one might wonder if the travel time of roughly eight hours total helped him to do such.

"He's got this huge desire within him, the records mean a lot to him", said the Red Bull boss.

"I don't know if I got in the way, and if I did I apologise..."

The soft tyres, however, saw arguably the most significant runs during FP2 at Silverstone. Mercedes decided to wait until Friday (July 7) night to announce it (unscheduled gear box change) to the rest of the world, but Lewis knew about it and he almost seemed a bit deflated and demotivated when it came to qualifying.

The session began in cool conditions with rain intensifying.

Monza was originally tabled to be the first race weekend where the shield would be run, but progress on its development has progressed more rapidly than originally anticipated, allowing the first test to take place this weekend instead. There is no governance that says you can only have one grand prix in each country. Chuckle, but the details here don't really matter. "But with this car and the speed we are able to carry through the corners, it's just phenomenal, it's like the greatest roller-coaster ride ever", Hamilton said.

The track is built on the grounds of a former World War II bomber airport.