Sandoval DFA a Reminder It Could Have Been Worse for Giants

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Not if Sandoval doesn't want to be on it anymore.

Dave Dombrowski is set to address the media this afternoon.

Boston's goal this weekend needs to be the following: foot on the gas pedal, take no prisoners, defend Fenway.

Sandoval had won three World Series titles with the Giants before the Red Sox signed him for five years and $95 million before the 2015 season.

A two-time All-Star, Sandoval has hit.285 with 120 home runs and 521 RBIs in 1,030 career major league games.

But working in Boston's favor is that from a pitching standpoint, they are giving their best.

In their places, Chris Young and Sam Travis earn the starts, repectively. And he might be thinking the same way we assume the Red Sox are: time to disappear. With Sandoval contributing so little to the major league club, the Sox made the decision just to part ways and eat the remainder of his contract.

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Porcello has followed-up his Cy Young campaign by being the worst starter on the Red Sox. The Yankees' series slogan is much simpler: we've done it before, so let's do it again. Adding 18 home runs as well, Devers appeared more than ready to make the jump to one step below the highest level of professional baseball. At 50-39, they continue to lead the American League East and will resume their season when they host the Yankees on Friday. In what can only be described as Yankees magic, the team rallied and completed the five-game sweep and outscored Boston 49-26, essentially putting the division out of the Red Sox's reach.