Conway on previous denials of Russian meetings: 'Disclosure forms have been amended'

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IF YOU thought a Leigh Sales grilling was tough, check out this extraordinary sparring match between CNN and Donald Trump advocate Kellyanne Conway over Donald Trump Jr meeting with a Russian lawyer linked to the Kremlin.

The new information for the reason of the meeting sparked criticism amid ongoing investigations being conducted by the FBI, Senate, House, and special prosecutor Robert Mueller about alleged ties between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign team. The proposal was widely condemned. "And this is Don Jr's own statement about it, a statement which has changed now twice about what this meeting was", he said.

The seemingly never-ending interview included critiques of CNN, as Conway insisted that CNN should be focusing more on President Donald Trump's successes.

Conway also told Cuomo that CNN should be spending more time covering Trump's positive actions, such as on veterans or infrastructure, but Cuomo told her his "conscience is clean". At one point, she asked Cuomo if it "bothered" him that CNN talked more about Russian Federation than America.

What followed was minute after minute of Conway and Cuomo sparring over facts about the New York Times report on Trump Jr.

London's Daily Mail covered the exchange like a heavyweight bout, saying: "Cuomo talked over Conway throughout the interview, prompting her to declare then that the CNN host should let her know when she's allowed to speak again". The best I can do to explain it is speculate that, if it is Team Jared, they're signaling to Bob Mueller that they might be willing to cooperate in the probe and implicate others in the White House.

The interview - which clocked in at over 30 minutes long - spanned a variety of topics: the Department of Veterans Affairs, Donald Trump Jr., CNN's lack of coverage of the opioid crisis, and more. Conway said, continuing to deny it was opposition research. "Tell whatever 6-versus-1 anti-Trump panel we're sorry that we cut into their time".

STEPHANOPOULOS: But he believed that she was bringing damaging information about Hillary Clinton. That explains why his lawyers might have told the Times about Junior's role in brokering the meeting but it doesn't quite explain why they would also reveal the meeting's true goal. Cuomo slammed her for using a Hill report based on anonymous sources, after the Trump administration has railed against such sourcing. "And that they shouldn't think there's some type of agenda out to get the president on the behalf of a free press".

"Excuse me? In what context?"

"No information that was meaningful or helpful was gained from this", she replied. You can watch the full interview on video below, as well as a follow-up video Chris Cuomo provided on Instagram following the interview. "You're doing an infomercial now". But for Cuomo, Carlson quipped, it was the "story of the century".

"Her statements were vague, ambiguous and made no sense". If you look at his statement, he said the meeting was requested of him and he agreed to the meeting.

'You just want to interrupt me today, ' she said, summing up the interaction with her 'friend'. "You guys have made a business decision to be anti-Trump". When confronted about looking for dirt on Clinton, Trump Jr. changed his statement.

"I couldn't be more proud to have the CNN chyron next to me", Cuomo responded.

"My conscience is clean, my mission is clear".