Stormzy responds to newspaper mistaking him with Romelu Lukaku

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The transfer news has gripped British and Irish football fans as the world waits for Manchester United to get on with it and make the move official.

A back page story on The Herald went viral on Monday afternoon after a splash centred on imminent Manchester United signing Romelu Lukaku instead featured a picture of UK rapper Stormzy.

While yet another joked: "Someone in the Irish Herald offices thinks there's a massive mural of Lukaku in Smithfield, Dublin". "I don't find none of this funny btw", he wrote.

A picture of grime star Stormzy has been mistakenly used on a newspaper article about football star Romelu Lukaku.

'To be honest, we are totally embarrassed and want to say sorry to all involved and our readers for the error.

The 'Shut UP' hitmaker swiftly told his 750,000 Twitter followers that the error isn't "funny" although he hates to be "the party pooper". We will keep our eye on the ball in future'.

Herald editor Alan Steenson has since issued an apology online, which reads, "Hands up, we got it badly wrong".

Meanwhile, Lukaku will be spared a court appearance in Los Angeles after an embarrassing brush with the law. In February, he was asked about it on show Sunday Brunch and replied, "I'm not gonna lie - every time I see him, I just look at him and think: 'Yeah you do (look like me) mate!' We just look the same".

Stormzy is in the country in just a few days for his Aussie tour.

The striker was not handcuffed or taken to a station but officers had already responded to five separate complaints that evening.